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Cat Goes Fishing

Bountiful CatchesCat Goes Fishing is a simulation game developed by Cat5Games. The simulation game allows players to fish from lakes to the sea. They can upgrade their rods and boats to fish bigger and rarer; The secrets of DeepCat Goes Fishing are very simple: fishing. Players play the role of a magical fisherman. The game starts on the island and the players have only the main rod. They can improve their standard equipment by completing tasks and making money. The game has simple fishing mechanics, but it becomes interesting. Players may need to learn new techniques, such as long-distance fishing or to avoid special baits consumed by common fish. The tasks are to catch a specific breed of fish or collect each species of fish. Players can buy better rods that fish less often. Each stick can be adapted and enhanced to suit different playing styles. There are also unrealistic fishing tools, such as explosives, heavy lures, repellents or specialized lures. There are several fish in this game. Each fish has different bait behaviors and preferences. Small fish would attract the basic bait. Larger fish would like to eat smaller fish. Some fish will be attracted to schools of fish. There are several fish that ignore most baits, except for a specific bait. The new fish is registered in the catch catalog. Sometimes, players can pick up hats with special abilities. Caps can help players catch more fish. There are also boats that allow players to move from the pier to other bodies of water. Fishing is very relaxing, as players watch each fish swim and take the bait. Each location has a relaxing atmosphere similar to weekend fishing. There is a little bit of bait during night fishing, when the creatures of the deep sea receive light (function () {(‘review-page-page-desktop’);}); RelaxCat Goes Fishing time allows players to have fun, fishing is a very casual way. The game is a decent relaxation from many difficult and competitive games. Players simply spend time getting a perfect grip.