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Inside the Rain 2020

Faced with being kicked out of university for misunderstanding, the overweight student wears bruises at a strip club where he falls in love with a beautiful, intelligent and angry woman and they choose a crazy ticket program to prove him guilty.
Writer Aaron Fisher:
Aaron Fisher Stars:
Rosie Perez, Eric Roberts, Aaron Fisher | Bio glasses for college students (played by Aaron Fisher) have everything: ADHD, OCD, Borderline Behavior. She breathes, too. But Glass goes beyond her acclaim – she prefers the word “great luxury” – and is determined to prove her potential. When the misunderstanding threatened to expel him from college, Glass pushed back; plans to bring the event back to the spot, with the help of the dazzling actress (Ellen Toland), to clear her name. But how will she manage to make money for the movie when her parents look for the program as a second grain? Inside the Rain is a fun rom-com drama, complemented by joint performances by Pete and Toland. Colorful ensembles include Rosie Perez as mistress, Eric Roberts as priceless cinematography, and Catherine Curtin and Paul Schulze as eager parents. The final movie about an underweight dog with proof that if you are safe, anything is possible.