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For easy color matching with PikiePikie, there is a simple application that allows web and graphic designers to match colors. To use it, hover your mouse over the color of the screen. Pikie will tell you the values ​​of this color in many different formats, from the CMIK values ​​used by printers to the hexadecimal system, HSV, HTML and RGB, and useful. Pikie is a very simple tool that makes one and makes it perfect. It is available in several formats: you can download it as a standard application or as a ZIP file. Both files are free, but you can also download the application source code. It is a very thin software with a download size of just over 10 kb. If you are looking at an image and want it to fit on only one part, you can use this tool to zoom the screen so that it matches the color of one pixel. This tool works in a small separate window that displays the color information of the selected pixel. You can map some formats of this keyboard shortcut application for advanced (function () {(‘view-page-application-page-desktop’);}); handy graphic design tool If you’ve ever tried to match colors when designing a website, logo, or artwork, Pikie solves your problem. It is small, simple and very easy to use.