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Free Spam and Crawlers from Your Computer CCleaner is free software that claims to make your computer work smoothly by removing junk files, crawlers, unwanted programs, duplicates and more. The use is very satisfactory but there have been rumors that it could damage the computer. Is? Is there any truth in that, or is CCleaner really a good tool to have in the attack layer? Note that your computer is up and running (function () {(‘preview-software-page-desktop’);}); CCleaner is a long-running veteran program. It has disappeared in a different version when it comes to free / paid and is now a free application for home use. The paid application is called CCleaner Professional and offers more than seven information as a free version. There are other CCleaner family products, such as Speccy and Recuva, as well as CCleaner versions of Mac and Android. Download and install CCleaner When you download CCleaner, you get it as a free process. Installation is quick and easy, though you will find that the program starts with the context menu. Once installed, you can scan immediately. We have the impression that CCleaner has seemed the same over the past decade, but it’s a lot simpler. Although not very sophisticated, it seems simple and easy to find a way out. The large central area is where all searches take place, and on the left you can see the settings, settings, and update options. Is? What does CCleaner do to your team? PCleaner Marketing PC is software that adds, cleans, protects and speeds up your computer. You do this in three ways: Easy-to-clean registry Easy cleaning tools are probably the most CCleaner component you know. Trash Trash and Trash, which lists garbage and various temporary files. It is satisfying to look at the “Scan” application and submit a list, though many are not entirely sure what is being perfect. Registry scanning is the part that most users fear. CCleaner gives you a list of broken, missing, inactive or outdated registry items. He then offers a solution, but suggests that you can help them if anything changes. Finally, several CCleaner tools are handy little tools. There is an installer, an update, a start menu manager, a browser manager, a disk analyzer, a repeat scanner, a system restore, and an eraser. Lastly, CCleaner also provides a settings menu where you can adjust features related to how the program works and how it works outside of scanners. Is? Does CCleaner support it? Some users are concerned about the effectiveness of CCleaner, and there is an urban legend that says that CCleaner (or CCleaner options like BleachBit and Wise Disk Cleaner) with bad hands can be very dangerous. To get to the bottom, we need to break down the problem a bit. Does CCleaner make your team faster and more efficient? Actually, to some extent. It basically eliminates just the things you replace, and with more space, your hard drive can run much more efficiently. You have to have a lot of food on your computer to see the adverse upgrades – modern computers do not collect garbageas in the past. The same goes for disk deficiencies, maybe it was a legitimate tool 10 years ago, but our disks are more self-sufficient today. There may be some searches to remove old programs you no longer need, including browser extensions or dump, but these are tasks that you can do alone without CCleaner. However, the appeal of CCleaner is that it does these tasks on its own, and gives you a central hub that you can implement for others. Is? Is CCleaner dangerous? The question is very serious. We don’t think CCleaner is harmful, but it does provide you with tools that can be misused on your computer, especially registry. If you are unsure of what you are doing, you may delete several files which are important for your computer to operate, but you do not need to use this service and CCleaner will remind you of the backup. That way, even if something goes wrong, you can change it. If you use CCleaner (or any other pure PC software) with common sense and general understanding, you are unlikely to produce effective software for a specific use. It says something and we find out more, if you understand what it does and you have to be careful, it is a good program. That said, this is not exactly a useful program. Modern computers do not have to be cleaned as they were in the past, and if you put more or less on them, software like CCleaner will not have a significant impact on your computer. However, there are those who feel the addition and refinement that it provides and the various transformer accessories it offers. If it describes you, download it anyway – keep your expectations normal and your common sense exceeds. What’s New The latest version of CCleaner includes key security updates and other minor bug fixes and UI updates.