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Delta Force: Black Hawk Down Official

FPS Delta Force’s classic first-person shooter: Black Hawk Down Official is a first-person shooter released in 2003. The game follows a group of US soldiers during a Somali Civil War peacekeeping campaign plus separate multiplayer days . Delta Force: Black Hawk Down Official is the 6th game in the series, then in the realistic military first person style of the series. The single player tells the story of four US soldiers fighting throughout Somaliland, with the player controlling the other three by orders. Slightly different from other Delta Force titles, the game has closer combat and set pieces with a fairly linear plot. The action is tight and tension-bound but it never gets as gripping as similar titles like COD or Medal of Honor. The graphics are naturally dated but the soundtrack is atmospheric and the gunplay is tight and responsive. Delta Force: The official Black Hawk Down multiplayer was a huge attraction then, with up to 50 players at one time but unfortunately it now feels (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’); }); Old Delta Dogs Force: Official Black Hawk Down is a typical example of a modern military FPS of that time. Although it is quite old-fashioned now, the single player campaign is worth playing thanks to the challenge offered and a tension-laden soundtrack.