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Despicable Me 2010

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IMDB rating:

: MP4

: X264

: Animation


: 1280 * 720

FRAME: fps

: English

: English

: 95 minutes

In a suburban area surrounded by white fences and flowering shrubs, there is a black house with dead grass. Hidden beneath this house without the knowledge of its neighbors, it is a great secret hiding place. Surrounded by small groups, we find Gruin, who plans the biggest in world history. It steals the moon. (Yes, the moon!) I am happy all the bad things. Armed with his cynical descent, icy rays and vehicles ready to land and fly, he defeated everyone on the way. One day she fulfills the great wish of three orphaned girls who look at her and see something no one else has seen: a potential father. The world’s greatest villain has just faced his biggest challenge: three girls named Margo, Edith and Agnes.