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Geometry Dash

Free fast Dash ActionGeometry platform is a game based on the rhythm platform game that makes you jump. With versions for all platforms from Android to Windows, Geometry Dash has developed a worldwide database of users. Will give time to avoid obstacles and stay alive in the challenging game levels. The best thing is that the main game completely stops going (function () {(‘desktop-page-use-review’);}); Dash geometry, though geometrically inspired by its name, is far from a mathematical game. Dash Geometry will test your skills as you steer your car through obstacles at the end of the version, and your journey to the end of the level will reward you with unlockable achievements and new vehicles. , This is not an easy task to overcome a level is a real challenge as you have to fight gravity and increase shearing rate. The games will be familiar to fans of action platforms like Rolling Sky. Instead of a hero you control a unique vehicle, each with specific powers and time should be allowed to jump to get around the obstacle parts, but the catch is that the screen scrolls have a fixed rate that you ‘. control. If you go or hit or lose, you lose. If you manage to beat the level, the Dash Geometry has a lot of content because there are many free levels in the main game, you can also try custom levels or make your own editor of the game. There are a handful of derived games like Dash’s icy Iron Geometry, each with its own levels and art and pulsating sound. What makes Dash Geometry so unique is the combination of sound and visualization. The soundtrack is in the middle. Featuring songs by artists like Foreverbound, Dex Arson and DJ-Nate, the songs will stay in your head long after you quit, or you can use the original songs yourself and soundtracks from Newgrounds levels you create. There’s something sweet game-changers: Paying attention to two aspects will help you get better in bright neon colors and simply unique forms easily recognizable when trying to save. at a crazy speed. The soundtrack is just as useful: actually deliberately timely measures and slowing down your movements on the soundtrack continue. Dash Geometry has a lot for it, but there are some disadvantages you may want to consider before playing. First of all, this is the difficulty of the game. The fact that Dash Geometry is too difficult for many players is that you can’t use training mode to download levels because trying to win is fast. Combining problems with the fact that most levels are quite long means that gaining each level is a feat and you will need to become very experienced in the game in order to look for a game that is more accessible and less intense , you want to do that give Rolling Sky a chance. It’s equally addictive, but not nearly as the game contains a lot of content, it’s important to note that no major updates have been made since 2017. Game developer RobTop is updating an update. While fun new features, RobTop has since become quiet years and many a news update era. Although Geometry Dash is not dead, Dash Geometry at times seems to be a slow game, a killer game that depends on your time and reflexes. If the game is already difficult, nobody wants to tackle the risk of falling behind in the middle of the semi-finals. Geometry hasDash many positive aspects, such as bold imagery and catchy soundtracks. However, the game’s issues are making it as good as it can be. worth Dash to free to test these issues and explore some unique levels of users. You might even want to keep up with the upcoming update. That said, if you have problems or fall behind in enjoying this, you can visit alternate titles like the impossible Rolling Sky game.