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Tunes is still one of the best music players and an audio and video player that you can use to manage your iOS device, download content from the iTunes Store, and use Apple Music. It’s all in one for your music and videos, even if it’s really good music.

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First, you can use iTunes to import and manage your music. This is a great music collection that gives you many options for browsing and organizing your music. You can easily create playlists manually and set up automated playlists, e.g. B. “Recently added” lists to show what you’re importing over a period of time. Although iTunes doesn’t support some formats like FLAC, it may still be the best way to organize your music.

You can also browse and buy from the iTunes Store. Find music, podcasts, and videos, as well as everything you buy straight away from any device that you sign into iTunes with your Apple account.

Apple Music is a streaming service on iTunes. Subscribe gives you access to over 30 million songs in the Apple Music Library. Compatible with Spotify, although it doesn’t have the same social features as the app. Apple Music also has radio stations, from the Beats 1 live station with the notorious DJ to the genres automatically generated by the genre. You can also run channels through any song you play, and the Apple Music algorithm highlights the channel. Read more about it here.

Manage your devices

iTunes is also a tool for managing your iOS device. iPhone, iPad and iPod. In iTunes, you can choose the music you want to sync with your device, as well as books, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and more. If you’re used to how iTunes sync works with iOS, that’s fine, but there are some downsides.

The main problem is that you cannot quickly install and update your device like music. If you want to sync, it means backing up, copying apps from your device to your Mac, etc. If you’re in a hurry and just want to download the latest album from your iPhone, this is really disappointing.

Still, backups are effective and you can quickly import your backups with the installation of a new device.

complete package

While some people complain that iTunes is too much and too bloated, it’s still a fast, efficient, and well-organized media collection. Movies and TV shows are a little less advanced than music, but iTunes is great elsewhere. It is reliable and useful as a repository for your music collection. With Apple Music, iTunes has several packages.

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