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Mirillis Action! 4

MirillisAction! Allows real-time recording / recording of Windows Aero tablets in superb HD video quality. Action! You can create web player videos, save your games, watch game frames, give live comments, create high quality tutorials, record music, capture screenshots and more!


Save the game in HD. Benchmark Achievements Action! superb performance and GPU usage make it the smoothest HD video recording in real time! View current and average game frames (FPS) during games and save benchmarks.

Spreadsheets with smooth Windows Aero HD storage, easy tutorial creation! Action! defines a new performance and user experience standard for real-time computer storage software. Capture high definition HD videos from your ring stop and application tasks, add microphone voice memos, and create easy-to-use guides!

Use your PC and play computer games on Android! Find the best remote control software for your PC! Play your favorite PC games and control your Windows desktop with Android! Remotely! You have instant access to incredible HD video games, documents and applications.

Get gaming and desktop activities for popular services! Action! LIVE Streaming lets you stream all your games, videos or desktop activities to popular streaming services like YouTube, hitbox, Ustream, Livestream, Aliez and more!

Mirillis Action is a handy and useful tool for recording and recording high quality videos on your Windows desktop. This app allows users to watch a wide variety of high quality educational videos. This application can have an environment that contains games, videos, Internet videos and more. Shoot at the highest possible frame rate. In addition to being able to shoot any page, either in full screen, in a specific window, or on a web page, you get great screenshots. One of the most important uses of this program is shooting video games. This is a great option if you want to create movies from your own game environment and share them with others.

Mirillis Action can record high-performance video from the game environment. This program supports various video formats as a starting point. You can also adjust the microphone sound while recording a movie. Are the sounds played in the Windows environment part of the video. In the program settings, you can adjust the recording quality, frame rate and many other options. Program recording speeds are high due to the use of hardware accelerators and technologies such as CUDA and Intel Quick Sync. You will not see gulls when recording movies.

One of the interesting features of this program is the production of videos dedicated to social networks. For example, you can create and share video files on networks like YouTube, and the application layout is beautifully designed, modern, and easily accessible. After recording the video, the result is automatically displayed in the application player where you can set and save the desired output