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Topaz Mask AI 1

Manually making and refining complex choices almost always takes much longer than expected. Meet the AI ​​Topaz Mask. With Mask AI you can create amazing masks in record time thanks to our intuitive machine learning technology and traps. Less user input in obtaining an extremely high quality mask has always been the photographer’s dream, and now you can get it thanks to Mask AI.

As we masqueraded as simplified

Compared to Photoshop, the AI ​​mask does not need a thick brush to get a high-quality mask. And you don’t have to learn complicated icons and tools. With the help of the AI ​​mask, you can roughly sketch the object in blue, fill what you want to reduce with one click, fill what you want to keep with one click, and press Calculate mask. It’s really that simple. Our neural network is trained to distinguish hard edges, so you can get a great mask the first time.

Easy masking for any type of photo

Mask AI has a machine learning function that provides more accurate, less advanced masks!

Mask the unique Trimap AI technology

In Photoshop, getting a good frame can be difficult and can take a whole day. The intuitive system of color-coded AI masks limits it to 4 simple steps: save, cut, calculate and replace.

Brush for calculations.

Just paint a blue line along the edge of what you want to calculate. The best part is that you don’t have to be perfect, just keep some theme and the immediate environment you want to mask. Our technology will make lifting heavy loads.

Cleaning brush

Our smart brushes (cut, save and calculate) use our technology and allow for clean, accurate refinements without pressure. Our machines make decisions for you and speed up your workflow!