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VirtualBox 6.1

VirtualBox is the complete objective of the complete hardware objective. Focused on servers, desktops and embedded applications, they are now the only professional quality solution that is also open source software. VirtualBox is a powerful innovative product for commercial and home use. VirtualBox provides is useful in several situations: Running multiple operating systems simultaneously. VirtualBox allows you to run more than one operating system at a time. That way, you can run the software recorded from one operating system to another (for example, Windows software on Linux or Mac) without having to start running again.

Since you can complement the type of unusual hardware that must be presented to each operating system, you can install an old operating system like DOS or OS / 2, even if your virtual computer is no longer supported by the same operating system.

Software vendors can use virtual machines to transport the entire software suite. For example, installing a complete mail server solution on a virtual machine can be a daunting task. With VirtualBox, such a complicated setup (then called hardware at the time) can be installed on a virtual machine. Installing and running a mail server is as easy as importing these devices into VirtualBox.

Disaster testing and recovery. Once installed, the virtual machine and its hard drives can be considered a tool that can be configured, integrated, copied, supported and transported voluntarily between locations. In addition, using another VirtualBox software called snapshots, it is possible to save some state of the virtual machine and return to that situation, if necessary. In this way, you can freely experience the computer environment. If something goes wrong (after installing malicious software or infecting an alien with a virus), it is possible to easily return to the old image and avoid the need for constant humor and reorganization. Any number of snapshots can be created, allowing you to travel back and forth on a real-time machine. You can delete snapshots while the VM is working to restore disk space